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Renovation storage

At Cube Fine Art Services, we understand the accidental dangers during renovation projects and how they could impact your artwork if they are not properly stored and protected.

  • Safety perimeter security fence

  • Computer controlled site access gates

  • 24/7 digital CCTV

  • Fire alarm and smoke detectors

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Seamless renovation storage services

Whether you are the project manager of a renovation company requiring specialist assistance or the client wanting your artwork safely stored offsite before the project kicks off, we can help.

We will:

  • Assess the artwork to ensure it is suitable for transport

  • Decide on the most appropriate packing material

  • Create bespoke protective packing crates

  • Load and transport your artwork to our secure storage facility

  • Ensure your piece is appropriately settled into our climate controlled storage environment

  • Routinely monitor your piece whilst in storage

  • Repackage your item

  • Deliver it to the specified location when you require it back

Seamless renovation storage services

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