Tips to Handle, Pack, Transport and Store your Painting

Here at Cube Fine Art Services, we understand that your artwork is an investment! So with that being said, it’s worth a little extra effort to keep your pieces in the best possible condition. That’s why we want to share with you some of our tips on how to properly handle, pack, move and store your paintings!


1. Handle Delicately
Always handle one painting at a time with clean hands! Paintings are delicate and are at risk of breaking, tearing and smudging.


2. Pack with Precision
The best way to pack your painting is to wrap your painting in plastic to keep it clean and protect the finish. Then, seal the painting with a custom size box before placing the painting in a close-fitting cardboard box. Then, fill up any space with bubble wrap to avoid the painting from moving within the box and seal the box with packing tape. Be sure to label the box so you know which painting is inside, saving you the trouble of re-opening to check which painting is in the box.


3. Transport with Care
Be careful when driving, go slow on those bumps! You don’t want the painting to go move around in the vehicle. Always use a reliable transporter who provides insurance coverage.


4. Store it Somewhere Safe
Be sure to store your paintings somewhere dry and safe. Avoid storing in basements and attics! Instead opt to store at a place with consistent temperature and moderate humidity, like our climate controlled storage unit at Cube Fine Arts HQ.


Storing fine art has never been easier with Cube Fine Art Service! We use our extensive experience to create bespoke fine art management solutions for some of the world’s foremost museums, galleries, international corporations and private collectors by providing managed storage, delicate handling, expert relocations and professional installation.

To find out more about the services we offer, contact us and speak to our friendly customer service staff on 0800 027 2668.

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