How Do You Store Your Art

Whether it’s a piece of art that you created yourself or an expensive masterpiece that you won in an auction, they both need specific storage requirements in order to retain their quality.

Cube Fine Art Services guarantees to safeguard your valuable artwork, and keep them away from harmful factors such as;



Being one of the most vital variables, sudden rise or drop in temperature can cause distortion, cracking, swelling and other physical changes that could ultimately damage the artwork, cutting short its life and reducing its quality. In extreme heat, paint, wax and other materials could melt and irreversibly mar the work’s appearance.



Perhaps as equally destructive as temperature is humidity, especially for paintings with fragile paint and canvas. As humidity level increases, water vapour lands on the surface of the artwork and begins a corrosive reaction which compromises the work’s appearance and integrity. Additionally, humidity also creates a great breeding ground for mould to manifest.



The ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight is known to be detrimental towards leather, paint, paper and numerous materials. Thus, when choosing a warehouse or storage unit, opt for one which doesn’t expose your artwork to direct sunlight. 


Pests and rodents

Rats, cockroaches, wood worms, silverfish, book lice, termites, etc. are common culprits that could cause holes and stains due to their biting and excrement. If an infestation occurs, you will need a certified exterminator to stop the spread and the damaged goods must be taken to a professional conservator.


Atmospheric pollutants

Air pollutants such as ozone, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide will also damage paintings. Acids produced by sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide in the presence of moisture can damage organic components, causing blackening, loss of tensile strength, and accelerated ageing.


In a nutshell, leaving your valuable artwork in an uncontrolled storage environment is risky. At Cube Fine Art Services, we provide bespoke fine art management solutions and temperature-controlled storage services tailored to our client’s needs. We have more than 20 years experience in helping businesses and individuals to store their investments and protect their artwork. 


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