3 Tips You Must Know When Storing Your Art Collection!

Are you an art collector? We understand how precious and invaluable your art pieces are to you. Whether you are looking to expand or refurbish your home or just don’t have enough room to store your art collection, we at Cube Fine Art Services have the ideal fine art management solution for all your needs.


Here are 3 top tips you need to know about packing and storing your items for long term storage.


1. Where to store?
With us, of course. Our climate-controlled storage is perfect for all your precious investments keeping them safe from dust, heat and humidity. We also offer 24 hours CCTV security and full access controlled storage, giving you peace of mind knowing that your invaluable art pieces are well secured when stored with us.​


2. Preparing to store

Framed Art Pieces
Before packing and moving your art pieces for storage, give your art pieces a thorough cleaning. Dust your art piece with a microfiber cloth and spray quality polish onto the wooden frame.


Unframed Art Pieces
We at Cube, strongly oppose rolling up your canvas paintings! This is because when storing an artwork for too long, it might crack the paint and develop creases. What we suggest is to wrap the painting in glassine (air and water-resistant material) and place it between sheets of cardboard.


Sculptures and Objects
Wrap your sculptures and artefacts with bubble wrap and tape. Then, place the sculpture into a box and fill any extra space with newspaper to prevent the sculpture from moving within the box.


3. Storing your Artwork
When storing, be sure to handle one art piece at a time! Do not rush. Remember, these are all your valuable investments. Take your time and gently move them into storage. Never put one on top of the other as they may collapse under their own weight. Next, document and label your art pieces for proper record keeping of your art pieces. A simple spreadsheet on a list of all your artworks with pictures will do the trick. This will come in handy should you need to file a claim for insurance.

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