Leather furniture storage
Temperature controlled storage for

Wood & Leather Furnitures

Wood products will contract in cold weather and in hot temperature dilate damaging your furniture and belongings beyond repair. Wood also absorbs moisture which can lead to mould growth. Meanwhile, leather is extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Hot and humid temperatures will cause leather to shrink and warp.
At Cube Fine Art Services, our climate-controlled storage environment satisfies the most stringent specifications by maintaining temperature requirements along with humidity levels, effectively preventing premature aging and heat-related malfunctions. We are your trusted storage service provider for:

  • Artwork and Antique Furniture from Private Individuals

  • Rare Book Collections

  • Photographic Journals

  • Entomology Collections

  • Musical Instruments

  • Rare Toy and Model collections

Luxury Furniture Storage

Entomology Collections

Antiques collections Storage

Rare Books Collections Storage

Musical Instruments Storage

Rare Toys & Model Collections


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