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Cube Fine Art Services provides temperature controlled storage services tailored to our client’s needs. We have helped business and individuals to store their investments and protect their renowned exhibits during planned relocations. We have also managed multistage international delivery schedules, predefined storage periods and the reinstallation of items after periods of refurbishment.

  • Safety perimeter security fence

  • Computer controlled site access gates, accessible only by a personalised customer access code

  • 24hr digital CCTV both outside and inside all areas of the building

  • Twin burglar alarm system connected to BT’s Redcare system

  • Individual alarms for each storage room which are monitored from our reception

  • Fire alarm and smoke detectors

Bespoke storage solution for fine arts

Storage Unit Insurance

We are an appointed representative of Oval Insurance Broking Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


Here are some typical fine art related questions that we get asked. If you can’t find the answer, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 027 2668 now to speak to one of our team.

What are the specifications for the climate controlled environment?

We can offer bespoke storage conditions for your requirements. However in general cases, we maintain the facility at about 21 degrees Celcius and 50% relative humidity which are suitable for most fine art items without special requirements.

How is my artwork kept?

For storage without special requirements, our managed storage is maintained at conditions suitable for most fine art. For artwork with special requirements, we can offer a bespoke environment to ensure safe storage.

Is insurance covered by my storage fee?

Insurance is not included in the storage fee. Items stored with us must be insured. If you do not have insurance, we can provide this for you. Please speak with your storage concierge for details.

Are the units secure? Are they individually alarmed?

Our climate controlled storage has access control and is alarmed. Furthermore, only authorised staff are allowed to enter them for greater security.

Can I visit the storage units my artwork is stored in?

Sorry. The storage units have restricted access with only authorised staff allowed. However, should you need to view your artwork, it can be taken out from storage for your viewing.

Can I look over my artwork while it is in storage?

Of course. Simply let us know in advance of your visit so we can ready your artwork for your viewing.


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