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The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers is one of the ancient livery companies of the City of London, ranked fifteenth in the order of precedence. It was founded by royal charter in 1444 with authority to control the sale of leather within the city. The company no longer has this regulatory role, and instead devotes its energies to support for charity, education and the British leather trade.


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Office Relocation and Specialist Storage

We have worked with the Leathersellers since 2011, carrying out office relocations and keeping goods in storage, some of which are in special climate-controlled conditions.

The goods we handle and store are very valuable and include such items as chandeliers, stained glass windows, fine art, pianos and rugs. Additional goods are collected as required, and when requested, goods are retrieved and delivered back to the client. The client regularly attends our site, and we provide them with easy access to their goods in storage.

Many of the goods are of very high value therefore the priority is the safe transportation and storage of these goods. Specialist packers and materials are used where necessary which include bespoke foam lined plywood cases, and acid free tissue. We carry out tests on a daily basis to check the climate controlled storage conditions are within the set parameters.


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We have had to come up with bespoke solutions to accommodate a variety of objects. Many of the objects we store for the Leathersellers are large, heavy or fragile. One particularly challenging item was for Scagliola columns of approximately 6m in length, 1.4 m in width and 60 cm in depth. These are very large objects which must be stored in climate-controlled conditions, and at the time were too large to fit in any of our available existing units. We overcame this challenge by adapting one of our existing storage units to accommodate the objects in the conditions required. We had to dismantle part of the wall in order to get the columns into the adapted unit and load them into the first floor directly from outside using specialist lifting equipment.



We have approached this contract with director-level leadership, supported by our storage manager who regularly liaises with our client contact. We have built an excellent relationship since commencement and have been recommended by the Leathersellers to other London livery companies, for whom we now provide removals and storage services. Find out more about The Leathersellers’ Company here.

Interested in our bespoke relocation and specialist storage services? Get in touch now, our consultants are ready to help.


The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers


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