How will Brexit Impact Art Collectors

With Boris Johnson, our newly elected Prime Minister busy making preparations for the possibility of a No Deal Brexit on 31 st October 2019, the Art market eagerly awaits to know what lies ahead for the industry.


How will Brexit impact art collectors?


1. Additional Tariffs
Currently, import VAT taxes is at 5% which is the lowest rate in the EU. With Brexit, we will lose the advantage of importing art competitively into the EU. As of existing, there are no import or export duties and no onerous paperwork but after Brexit, art collectors may need to comply to extra administration and to pay additional tariffs. This would certainly affect buying habits and the movement of art, with the possibility of incurring increased costs!


2. Border Checks
In the event of a No Deal, imports and exports would need to undergo strict customs clearance causing potential delays. The government in case of a no deal scenario, has issued guidance on import and export recommendations for those wishing to transport items across the border. It’s definitely worth a read!


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Safe and Secure Climate Controlled Storage for your fine arts
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