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Roseberys is an expert fine art and antiques auction house located in West Norwood, London. It was shortlisted by BBC Homes and Antiques magazine as Britain’s best auction house in 2013. Roseberys hosts multiple types of auctions and also has many different types of art on show at auction. It does not only offer the public the chance to buy items at auction, but also the opportunity for them to sell their own items by putting them up for auction. Roseberys typically holds at least twelve auctions per year and in recent years has held an auction in Beijing as an example of its aims of expansion for the future.

Roseberys specialises in fine art and has another large fine art auction coming up in September. This dedicated fine art auction will amass a grand collection of artworks and will take place on the 6th and 7th September. The catalogue for the auction will be available online from the 17th August and there are viewing times for the artworks available on the days prior to the auction. Additionally the 6th September at Roseberys will also see a decorative arts and modern design auction held.


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However, Roseberys does not only hold exclusively fine art auctions. There are auctions for many other items such as sculptures, antiques, frames and prints. They now hold some of their auctions online and have just staged a large online-only Vertu auction. This auction had a range of artworks and allowed people to browse and bid for them from their own home. Vertu at Roseberys holds similar auctions monthly and so these will continue into the future alongside the more traditional fine art auctions.

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