Epidemic of clothes moths strikes rare furnishings and fabrics

A recent article from the BBC has highlighted the problems faced by English Heritage, with clothes moth numbers doubling in the past five years and a new species found damaging the ancient wool carpets and tapestries under their care.

With the seriousness of this escalating danger to many prized collections, it’s important to ensure better care and control to protect and preserve items under threat. While English Heritage continues to research the issue of clothes moths, collectors are well advised to take immediate action to mitigate the risk to their collection.

What if you’ve already got a moth infestation? One of the best way of killing the adults, eggs and larvae of moths in clothing and small textiles is to deep freeze items for at least two weeks. There are also many other options so do not despair. Once you’ve got rid of the problem, you’ve got to be sure to keep the moths away.

Keeping humidity levels low inside buildings creates an environment that isn’t favorable for clothes moth development. Coupled with good housekeeping, the chance of moth infestation can be significantly reduced. At Cube Fine Art service, we provide a professional and safe storage services for our clients. Our secure, climate controlled storage facility offers investment grade storage conditions perfectly maintained and monitored creating the optimum conditions for preserving the integrity of your favorite collections.

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