Auctions and Anniversaries at Christie’s

Christie’s is a leading global art business which conducts both regular and online auctions, other events abroad and private sales. They deal with fine art, jewellery, wine, photographs and even property. Christie’s was founded in 18th century London and its headquarters today have remained in the same city. However it very much conducts its buying, selling and dealing of artwork on a global scale as it has salesrooms and offices situated all around the world in many major cities in a total of 32 countries. Christie’s will hold approximately 350 auctions per year in roughly 80 different categories, with the value of certain lots worth up to tens of millions of dollars.

Christie’s conducts many private sales as an alternative to its auctions and it offers tailored service and advice for customers looking to sell their items. As well as this confidential service for customers who are selling their artwork, private sales also provide new purchase opportunities at fixed prices for the more occasional buyers who can now avoid the auction calendar if they so desire. Christie’s private sales are split into two major categories: Impressionist and modern art sales and post-war and contemporary art sales. The sales have access to a global network of collectors looking for artworks and also have their own online galleries.


Auctions and Anniversaries at Christie’s 2
An Elephant Bird Egg, Madagascar, Pre-17th Century


This year is Christie’s 250th anniversary and so there is a special calendar of events and auctions taking place. These are taking place around the world and include exhibitions such as the Out of the Ordinary exhibition. As the name suggests this is an exhibition of unusual pieces of artwork such as the one above. It has over 90 lots of rare collectibles and is running in South Kensington, London until 14th September with a sales auction of the exhibits taking place that evening. Furthermore this year also celebrates 10 years of Christie’s in Dubai and 30 years of Christie’s in Asia.

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